Why Crypto is Prime for Emerging Markets


  • Emerging markets are generally plagued with weak economies, with crypto, values can be harmonized for users globally
  • Cryptocurrencies remove the barrier to international transactions and eliminate the high cost of transactions
  • IvoryPay helps businesses in emerging markets connect with the rest of the world through its crypto payment gateway solution

Characterized by Weak Economies

Generally, emerging markets are plagued with weak national economies where currency devaluation is quite common in a bid to attract foreign investment. This makes the purchasing power of citizens fall below what is attainable in other parts of the world.

Removing Barriers to International Transactions

It is not uncommon for national governments in these countries to put measures in place to shore up the flow of funds. One of these measures is to rapidly increase the cost of international transactions in a bid to encourage in-flow and reduce the outflow of funds.

IvoryPay Solutions for Emerging Markets

As a support to the many prospects domiciled in emerging markets, the IvoryPay payment gateway offers businesses and crypto users in the emerging markets the opportunity to accept and make payments with cryptocurrencies. Businesses will be able to deploy any of IvoryPay’s payment solutions which include checkout, QR code, payment link, and button.


Emerging economies have a lot to benefit from adopting cryptocurrencies. The ease of completing transactions and the opportunity to compete with businesses on the global stage are some of the immeasurable benefits that accrue from adopting cryptocurrencies.



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