What is an NFT Artwork?



  • NFTs are unique digital collectibles representing assets whose values cannot be replaced
  • NFTs have use cases in the real estate and digital arts collectible sphere
  • The IvoryPay NFT Storefront is the perfect place for creators to build, own, and display their unique digital collections

Unique Digital Collectibles

Non-fungible tokens are not mere digital assets like bitcoin and Ethereum which can be traded one coin for another. NFTs are unique digital assets that are distinct and irreplaceable. The uniqueness of an NFT comes from what it represents as contained in its metadata.

Dynamic Use Cases

Since NFTs represent unique and rare assets, this class of digital tokens has also found usage in other spaces where unique assets are traded. Notably, NFTs are seeing increasing adoption in the real estate and arts industry.

IvoryPay Storefront for Creators

The IvoryPay ecosystem provides digital art creators with the opportunity to display their artworks and creatives in a uniquely designed space known as a storefront. Each creator will own their storefront and can customize it to depict their uniqueness and brand.


The numerous instances in which NFTs can be deployed are a testament to the promises and benefits that it holds for digital art creators. IvoryPay’s NFT Storefront is the most innovative and convenient infrastructure specifically designed to help creators maximize the rewards of this booming digital economy.



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