What is a Digital Storefront?

3 min readMay 26, 2022


As the world gets more digital, consumer preferences continue to change with time. No place is this more evident than the embrace of digital shopping where consumers can make purchases from the comfort of their homes. The outbreak of Covid-19 has further gravitated the world towards ‘online’ and has increased the appetite for digital goods such as NFTs.



  • A digital storefront is the entry point into the web presence of a business
  • Digital storefronts offer personalized experiences to consumers
  • It is an embodiment of a business, its brand, and its services
  • Modern digital storefronts offer intuitive experience and tools to customers to help them navigate a platform

Entry Point to a Business’ Web Presence

What are the inherent characteristics of a physical retail store? You should expect a signpost outside that indicates the existence of the business. Along with this, it is quite common that the description will give a clue into what the store is all about. This way, potential customers can easily locate the store and know what to expect upon entry.

Upon entry, a customer is able to see products on offer in the store perfectly stacked and arranged as the store deems fit. To find what is not easily visible, the customer then approaches the storekeeper who then helps to discover the hidden item. A satisfied customer then makes a payment and walks out happy.

Digital storefronts are no different. They are digital representations of businesses and the services they render or the product they sell. A digital storefront is indicated by the URL address of the website and upon landing, it opens customers up to the different offerings available. Customers will be able to easily note how efficient a business is right from the homepage. They can see products on display along with their price tag and any other details. They could also make payments if they find what interests them by using the payment options made available by the business. To learn more about payment options for businesses, you can read our article using this link.

Personalized Experience

One of the advantages that digital storefronts have over physical retail stores is that they can be used to offer personalized services to customers. When a customer walks into a physical store, they can only sift through what has been arranged on shelves. With digital storefronts, businesses are able to display products to customers based on their interests and preferences.

Through specialized tools, businesses can easily improve the experiences of users by displaying the items and products that come close to what they need based on their previous store visits.

This could boost the revenue of the business, and help it retain customers by improving the overall user experience.

Intuitive User Experience

Yet another advantage of digital storefronts. Digital storefronts now have intuitive capabilities that further ease user experience. Built-in tools such as search buttons help customers to search for specific items (remember there is no physical storekeeper). Customers can also enjoy support features such as chats and can also resolve issues by filling query forms, sending emails, or placing direct calls. All of these could easily be done from the comfort of a customer’s home.

IvoryPay’s NFT Storefront for Creators

IvoryPay is set to launch an NFT storefront for digital art creators. With the storefront, creators will be able to enjoy personalized and customizable storefronts where they can display their digital artworks and market to a global audience.

Creators will be able to set up shop and deploy tools to enhance collectors’ shopping experience. They will also be able to simplify payments for collectors by integrating different payment options that IvoryPay offers such as payment buttons and checkout. Creators will also be able to offer collectors multiple paying currencies to simplify payment collection.


Digital storefronts are here to stay and their relevance will only continue to increase as the global population continues to gravitate toward digital technology.

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