The 5 Core Business Solution Principles of IvoryPay



  • IvoryPay infrastructure is built on five fundamental principles
  • These principles exist to help all IvoryPay’s partners achieve their highest business potential
  • As a payment infrastructure, scalability resides at the heart of the IvoryPay ecosystem

The Five Fundamental Principles

Ivorypay is built on five fundamental principles which are explained below:


A lot of the crypto payment gateways that exist at present are focused on the developed countries in Europe and North America. This is quite understandable as these regions have seen the most adoption of digital assets and national governments have somehow accommodated the holding and usage of cryptocurrencies.


Ivorypay is made to help both large enterprises and small businesses in developing countries to benefit from the evolution in payment technology. To make this possible, IvoryPay has totally removed the barriers to adoption and business integration by making its infrastructure affordable to all businesses willing to become partners.

Business Development

It is our goal to help all of our partners to scale both in the immediate and in the long term. That is why Ivorypay we have created a platform that is easily integrable for all businesses. It is our utmost belief that small businesses that are partners will grow over time. The goal is to supply them with the necessary tools they require throughout this expansion process.


It is quite important that businesses try innovative ways to simplify experiences for their customers; this is where IvoryPay comes in. We have developed a series of payment options that our partners can deploy to meet the demands of their business expansion at every point in time.


We have built one of the most sophisticated crypto payment gateways in the world and the reason for this is simple — to allow more room for businesses to be free. This freedom deals with the removal of all barriers to trade such as regulations, dwindling currency purchasing power, geographical barriers, and differing currencies, among others. Removing these barriers is the definition of true freedom for businesses worldwide.


IvoryPay has been built with the interest of the developing world at heart. The payment infrastructure is aimed at successfully transforming businesses around the world by removing all forms of constraints that can hinder their scalability and expansion.



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