IvoryPay Solutions for Digital Art Creators

3 min readNov 7, 2022


Gone are the days when digital art creators had to rely on flooded platforms to showcase their collections.

The emergence of non-fungible tokens has been a major turning point for digital art creators. NFTs has swiftly brought this niche from the periphery of art creation into the limelight.

Art creators can now create digital art and sell them at a handsome price on NFT marketplaces. The main obstacle however, is that NFT marketplaces are crowded.

IvoryPay has created an integrated platform where creators can fully build and customize their storefronts while benefitting from an integrated payment system that enables them to choose their preferred payment coins and get paid in no time.


  • IvoryPay enables digital art creators to launch personalized storefronts on its NFT Storefront
  • Creators can also benefit from IvoryPay’s integrated payment solutions to accept payment for their digital arts
  • IvoryPay gives creators a free hand to choose their preferred currency of payment

Personalized Storefronts for Creators

As part of IvoryPay’s product suite, the project intends to launch an NFT Storefront where digital art creators can showcase their unique creations to a global audience, monetize their work, and accept payment in the most convenient way.

As part of the plans for its storefronts, creators will be able to own personalized NFT Storefronts where they can display their art to collectors from all over the world. As part of the storefront, creators will be able to seamlessly set up shop by choosing from pre-built templates that are offered for free on the platform. This will enable them to focus more on sales without the need to worry about setup costs and other related expenses that can slow them down.

Creators can also add personal touches to their storefronts to further set them apart, making them to their taste and branding.

Integrated Payment Solutions for the Storefront

By signing up on the storefront, all creators with an IvoryPay storefront will automatically benefit from Ivorypay’s payment infrastructure. This means that creators will be able to accept payments for their digital arts right from within their storefronts. They will be able to integrate IvoryPay checkout, and payment button options to help them facilitate acceptance.

In addition, creators can also set their art up for bids where collectors can place bids and participate in auctions over a set period of time. Collectors can also purchase multiple digital arts and make payments all at once. This provides economies of scale as transaction processing fees will only be made once.

Accepting Multiple Digital Currencies

Restrictive payment options are one of the major challenges that creators face at the moment. They are confined to accepting payments based on the platform where a marketplace exists. Creators on a popular NFT marketplace such as OpenSea are confined to receiving payments in ETH, the native coin of the Ethereum blockchain upon which Opensea is built.

This does not help creators maximize benefits in a market where the prices of digital currencies constantly fluctuate. The situation is even worse when the market is on a bearish trend.

With IvoryPay, creators can choose from a range of payment options that the IvoryPay infrastructure supports. They could easily accept payment in stablecoins such as DAI, USDT, and USDC, while also having the option to receive payment with the platform’s native IVRY token.


Ivorypay is bringing in a new way to achieve for digital art creators all over the world. As the NFT space continues to grow, it is quite important that creators have more options to choose from and more room to showcase their creativity. This is exactly where Ivorypay stands and it will continue to add value to the global digital creator economy.

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