Is IvoryPay just a Payment Gateway?
2 min readSep 1, 2022


The IvoryPay ecosystem is much more than just a crypto payment processing infrastructure. It also includes a ready-made online NFT storefront where digital artists and creators can easily showcase their non-fungible tokens, thereby showcasing their works to a global collector base.



  • IvoryPay is a robust online infrastructure for businesses and creators
  • The ecosystem provides businesses with payment gateways to easily receive crypto payments from customers
  • Creators can use the IvoryPay NFT storefront to mint digital art and showcase their art to a global pool of collectors
  • IvoryPay also offers services such as financial loans and staking options for businesses

The IvoryPay Ecosystem

IvoryPay’s ecosystem is broadly made up of two core products, which are the IvoryPay payment gateway and the IvoryPay NFT Storefront. The payment gateway offers businesses a series of payment options with which they can easily accept payment from their customers. All business types, ranging from small and medium scale to large corporations, can easily deploy and use IvoryPay’s payment gateway.

IvoryPay’s NFT Storefront creates an outlet for digital artists to showcase their unique works. On IvoryPay’s NFT storefront, creators have access to their individual storefronts where they can display their works. Creators also have the option to customize their storefronts to properly reflect their brands and their values. Creators will also be able to freely mint NFTs and accept payment for their assets in stablecoins with the help of IvoryPay’s payment gateway.

Other Financial Services

Aside from the two core products that IvoryPay offers, partner businesses can also benefit from other services that the platform offers. Specifically, businesses will be able to obtain DeFi loans from within their dashboard. The advantage here is that IvoryPay helps them eliminate the need to go through the tedious process involved in getting a loan from a traditional financial institution, as loans are generally approved within minutes. Nevertheless, the amount obtainable will be determined based on established metrics and business performance.

There is also the benefit of staking for rewards on IvoryPay. Both businesses and creators using IvoryPay have the opportunity to increase their earnings through staking. They can do this by committing a portion of their revenues to a dedicated staking pool. Staking on IvoryPay can be done using stablecoins or the IVRY token.

IvoryPay plans to further increase its value-added services to partners and token holders over time, but for now, the staking pool is open to all business partners and IVRY token holders.


The IvoryPay ecosystem is not just a crypto payment gateway, it is an elaborate system that offers services to businesses and digital art creators while providing an opportunity for all token holders and partners to increase their earnings.



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