Introducing IvoryPay: The New Way to Facilitate Crypto Payments for Online Businesses


Value Proposition

IvoryPay is much more than just a payment gateway that processes cryptocurrencies, it is a project that is strategically built to solve payment problems and offer businesses the tools and infrastructure needed to scale and stay competitive.

  • Drive financial inclusion of the underbanked and unbanked in emerging markets in Africa, Asia, and the rest of the world.
  • Improve monetization options for businesses and creatives through the IvoryPay storefront and;
  • Create a payment infrastructure that supports unrestricted business expansion into emerging markets, while making funds available to facilitate business growth through decentralized finance (DeFi).

The Ivory Experience

IvoryPay is a crypto payment infrastructure that offers bankless transactions for online businesses. Its main aim is to connect businesses to a decentralized network, bridging businesses with consumers, and creating the most seamless way to receive cryptocurrencies as payments.

Crypto Payment Suite

You could deploy IvoryPay’s infrastructure to accept cryptocurrencies as payments from customers wherever they are in the world. IvoryPay could support your business with instant payment solutions such as checkouts, payment links, integrated payment buttons, and QR codes, thereby providing your customers with the luxury of making payments in the most convenient form.

NFT Storefront

The IvoryPay Storefront is designed for creators of all kinds. You could mint and sell your unique digital assets such as texts, images, audio, and videos, as NFTs. It is the most comprehensive and dedicated NFT storefront with an inbuilt payment gateway to ease payment receipt for creators. Easily customize your storefront with pre-built templates, display your unique collections, and receive payment without fuss.

IVRY Token

The IVRY token is the utility token of the IvoryPay ecosystem. It has $IVRY as its marker and could be used for a number of instances.

Join Our Waitlist

IvoryPay is currently in the first phase of its development roadmap. If you wish to follow the development and evolution of this promising project, you could join our waitlist and be one of the first set to be notified of our distinctive milestones.



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