Introducing IvoryPay: The New Way to Facilitate Crypto Payments for Online Businesses
5 min readApr 26, 2022


IvoryPay is building the most comprehensive crypto payment processor for businesses all around the world.


Times are changing and so are consumer needs and expectations. Any business that wishes to be successful in this present dispensation must be willing and able to offer unique, smooth, and seamless experiences for consumers who are always on the look for the easiest way to solve their problems without compromising on the quality of the product or service received. For this reason, it has become imperative for online businesses to simplify payments for their customers alongside a seamless purchase journey.

Over the last decade, we have seen the emergence of payment processing gateways and infrastructures such as Stripe, Paystack, and the likes, offering businesses a lifeline in terms of payment facilitation and order completion checkouts. However, since the emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the payment landscape is once again changing as consumers have begun to embrace the benefits and unique features of blockchain technology such as low cost of transaction, anonymity and data protection, faster transaction processing speed, and the ability to step-side restrictions and financial regulatory constraints.

It is already evident that the gravitation toward crypto mainstreaming will only continue to grow and it is imperative for every business that wishes to stay relevant in the long term to integrate the most reliable crypto payment gateway to their platforms in order to attract and retain more customers, and also expand their business to a global customer base.

IvoryPay is a crypto payment gateway solution that aims to integrate small, medium, and large-scale businesses into the new payment system that is poised to sweep the world of online commerce. It also hosts an NFT marketplace for creators to sell their unique non-fungible tokens and accept payments on the go. Explore the unique features of the IvoryPay crypto payment gateway below.

Value Proposition

IvoryPay is much more than just a payment gateway that processes cryptocurrencies, it is a project that is strategically built to solve payment problems and offer businesses the tools and infrastructure needed to scale and stay competitive.

Within this framework, IvoryPay has four thought-out value propositions at its core. The project aims to:

  • Create more spend use cases for cryptocurrency which will further drive the adoption, proliferation, and usage of cryptocurrencies in everyday business interactions
  • Drive financial inclusion of the underbanked and unbanked in emerging markets in Africa, Asia, and the rest of the world.
  • Improve monetization options for businesses and creatives through the IvoryPay storefront and;
  • Create a payment infrastructure that supports unrestricted business expansion into emerging markets, while making funds available to facilitate business growth through decentralized finance (DeFi).

The Ivory Experience

IvoryPay is a crypto payment infrastructure that offers bankless transactions for online businesses. Its main aim is to connect businesses to a decentralized network, bridging businesses with consumers, and creating the most seamless way to receive cryptocurrencies as payments.

IvoryPay’s unique product suites include the following:

Crypto Payment Suite

You could deploy IvoryPay’s infrastructure to accept cryptocurrencies as payments from customers wherever they are in the world. IvoryPay could support your business with instant payment solutions such as checkouts, payment links, integrated payment buttons, and QR codes, thereby providing your customers with the luxury of making payments in the most convenient form.

You could also automate the receipt of recurring payment expenditures with IvoryPay. This gives room for subscription-based businesses to eliminate the stress of manual recurring payment processing.

The crypto payment suite comes with features listed below;

Business Wallet: IvoryPay offers your business the opportunity to manage all of its revenue and funds from within an elaborate business wallet. Wallet addresses are generated instantly with just a single click to enable businesses receive payments in all the stablecoins we offer without needing to leave the payment suite.

Stake and Earn: Put your idle funds to use by staking on IvoryPay. Right from within your IvoryPay dashboard you could commit a portion of your revenue to IvoryPay’s verified crypto yield and staking pool to earn more. You are earn APY based on your chosen staking duration. As a business, you could decide to stake in any of the acceptable stablecoins on the platform (USDT, USDC, and DAI). You could also stake and earn using IvoryPay’s native token ($IVRY). You should note that staking $IVRY give businesses an opportunity to earn even more APY.

Defi Loans: As long as you are one of IvoryPay’s business partners, you could also obtain loans on the platform at a low-interest rate. No need for complex paperwork and unending bureaucracies, your loan request will be processed and confirmed in just a few minutes. You should note that eligibility for loans and the amount obtainable are based on monthly generated revenue and the number of IVRY tokens held. Businesses can either request for loans on stablecoins or in IVRY tokens. Loans in IVRY token however have lower interest rates.

NFT Storefront

The IvoryPay Storefront is designed for creators of all kinds. You could mint and sell your unique digital assets such as texts, images, audio, and videos, as NFTs. It is the most comprehensive and dedicated NFT storefront with an inbuilt payment gateway to ease payment receipt for creators. Easily customize your storefront with pre-built templates, display your unique collections, and receive payment without fuss.

The storefront is designed for individual creators and businesses who wish to showcase and properly monetize their work before a global audience. The IvoryPay storefront is embedded with the following distinct features;

Payment Gateway: As expected, the NFT storefront has been integrated into the IvoryPay payment infrastructure, creating a seamless process for creators to accept payment for their NFTs.

Prebuilt Templates: choose from our collection of pre-built templates to get your storefront up and running in no time.

NFT Auction: Easily put your NFTs up for auctions right within your storefront, and watch as collectors place bids for your assets. You could set a starting bid price and can conclude auctions as you see fit.

Free Minting: All creators with Ivory storefronts are eligible for free NFT minting. However, the eligibility on the number of IVRY tokens you hold.

IVRY Token

The IVRY token is the utility token of the IvoryPay ecosystem. It has $IVRY as its marker and could be used for a number of instances.

Staking: IVRY token holders are eligible to stake their tokens in the IvoryPay pool to earn a high-percentage APY than what they would if they kept the revenue in the bank. Typically, staking IVRY has the highest percentage returns on the platform.

Discounts on Purchases: Holders of IVRY tokens are eligible for up to a 20% discount whenever they make purchases on any of IvoryPay’s partner platforms. This is also applicable for purchases made on all IvoryPay’s NFT storefront as well.

Join Our Waitlist

IvoryPay is currently in the first phase of its development roadmap. If you wish to follow the development and evolution of this promising project, you could join our waitlist and be one of the first set to be notified of our distinctive milestones.

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