Idle Tokens? Stake it on IvoryPay



  • The option to stake on IvoryPay is open to all those who hold the platform’s native IVRY token
  • Businesses can commit a portion of their revenue to stake directly from their Ivorypay business dashboard
  • End users (investors and consumers) also have the opportunity to stake IVRY tokens and earn passive income

Opportunity for All

It is no news that the Ivorypay payment gateway is one of the most comprehensive payment infrastructures for cryptocurrencies that you can find around. The gateway simplifies integration for businesses and offers consumers the ability to complete transactions at a low cost in the most convenient manner.

Staking for Partner Platforms

It does not matter if you are a creator, an eCommerce platform, a subscription-based business, or whatever the business model that you operate, as long as you are a partner business on Ivorypay, you can easily stake on the platform.

Staking Opportunity for Consumers/Investors

Ivorypay’s staking opportunity is not confined to partner platforms alone. All IVRY token holders also have the opportunity to stake and earn on IvoryPay. Although they do not have dashboards like businesses, they can also stake tokens in the staking pool by committing a designated amount of tokens to the pool. As expected, rewards earned with be directly proportional to the duration of staking.


Decentralization is the foundation of the blockchain. Ivorypay is built on this foundation and it is on this note that its staking feature is built — open for all token holders who wish to grow their revenue by staking IVRY tokens to earn passive income.



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