How Your Startup can Deploy IvoryPay’s Crypto Payment Infrastructure
4 min readNov 14, 2022


Integrating Ivorypay’s payment gateway into your business ecosystem is the first step towards establishing your startup for success in this era of rapid technological transformation and changing consumer demands.


  • All businesses can benefit from Ivorypay’s solutions, you only need to know your business
  • Meeting user demands is paramount to staying relevant for all businesses
  • Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are rapidly seeing adoption, all businesses must follow suit.
  • Crypto payment gateway is inevitable for startups as over 18,000 businesses globally now accept cryptocurrencies

Know Thy Business

Technology is no longer an abstraction in this age and time. It has become a part of our daily lives and we interact with it in several ways every day. Mobile phones, televisions, internet, gaming, laptops, and more, are some of the things that we use on a daily basis. This further shows just how much technology has become a part of us.

It seems logical then that businesses find a way to integrate tech into their mode of operation irrespective of the industry that they operate in. As large corporations may require sophisticated engines and automation, small and medium-scale businesses also rely on technology to aid operations. But here is the bottom line, all businesses exist for the sole purpose of making money and they need to have the best payment system in place to ease payment for their clients/customers.

For this reason, it is important that businesses know the payment method that syncs perfectly with their system. For instance, a brick-and-mortar store with no online presence typically requires a Point-of-Sale solution or a QR Code solution to support sales. In the same vein, an online retail store will find the payment buttons relevant, while an established eCommerce platform can combine QR codes, payment buttons, and checkouts. Subscription service providers should make it possible for customers to automate payments or pay via links, all with the aim of serving them better.

Staying Relevant in Business

If the sole aim of all businesses is to generate income, this also means that businesses must be willing to evolve with the times to stay relevant. Putting it simply, it is in every business’ interest to meet users’ demands in order to stay relevant. This is one of the resounding lessons that businesses learned at the peak of covid19.

It has become paramount that businesses have an online presence, or, at the least, create a system that supports online payment. Any business that fails to have this in place will definitely struggle to retain customers in the least and is destined to fail in the long run.

Crypto Payment Gateways are the Latest Consumer Trend

If there was any doubt about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it certainly evaporated during the lockdown. Cryptocurrencies saw global adoption, and blockchains became the go-to channel for global transactions. This does not come as a surprise as the infrastructure offers cheap, secure, and fast transfer solutions to existing money transfer technologies.

At present, well over 300 million now use and hold cryptocurrencies globally, and more than 18,000 businesses now transact in crypto. Still, many are bullish on the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

This is a clear indication to business owners and especially startups in emerging economies — the future of your business and its ability to scale will largely depend on its ability to integrate crypto payment solutions into its everyday life.

It is no news that consumers will go for the most convenient, cheapest, and safest payment options, and with every passing day, cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based payment solutions are gaining popularity globally.

Ivorypay for Your Business

If you run a startup company in an emerging market (across Africa, Asia, and South America), then you need not look further. The IvoryPay payment infrastructure is specifically designed to support businesses in emerging markets. The ecosystem makes it simple for business owners to easily integrate various crypto payment gateway solutions to ease payment receipts from any part of the world.

You want to scale your business, don’t you? Check out IvoryPay today to get started!


You need not wait until it is too late before you start making the move to make your business relevant to consumer demands. The solution you need is right at your doorstep, get started with IvoryPay today.

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