How You Can Benefit as an Investor by Holding the IVRY Token



  • All stakeholders within the IvoryPay ecosystem stand to gain from its numerous instances
  • Investors can make gains by staking their tokens in the staking pool made available on the platform
  • Investors can also decide to hold their tokens and watch their value appreciate as more uses and adoption continue to drive growth within the network

Staking Your IVRY Token

For investors who want to constantly grow their income instead of leaving their tokens in their wallet, staking their IVRY token is a very suitable option for them to explore. Like staking on every other network, token holders are expected to deposit their tokens in the IVRY staking pool over a desired period of time.

Holding Your Token

If you do not wish to stake your token, no problems, IvoryPay has got you covered. You can simply hold your tokens and “long” on the IVRY. This means that you can simply stay bullish on the token and expect huge appreciation over time.


The IVRY token holds tremendous value for all token holders and investors. Holding your tokens or staking them does not really matter, the most important thing is that every stakeholder within the IvoryPay ecosystem will see their tokens appreciate over time.



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