How to Know a Good Crypto Project



  • There are several projects on the blockchain and many more are being developed
  • Project use cases are some of the most important things to consider in any crypto project
  • Other factors to consider in a good project include the project team and the project milestones

A Legion of Projects

With the advent of decentralized applications, there are now a large number of projects on the blockchain that seek to offer different solutions ranging from finance to insurance, record keeping, and more. Most of these projects offer users unique solutions to real-world issues in an innovative way.

Value Proposition is Non-Negotiable

If you are seeking to invest in a crypto project, it is important that you do not overlook the project’s value proposition. This is the most important aspect of any project development (even outside crypto).

Equally Important Checklist

There is no project without a project team. It is your responsibility to do due diligence in this regard. Check out the project to confirm the project team, then proceed to evaluate the team online. Check them out on professional platforms like LinkedIn to confirm their track record. Having a face behind a project is an indication of a solid project in the making. However, if there is little to no information about the project team (especially the top-ranking project developers), you might be set up for a scam.


Crypto scams are becoming more prevalent, and it is your duty as an investor to conduct due diligence before making any form of commitment or investment in a crypto project. We have outlined some of the factors that you can put into your consideration in this post.



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