How IvoryPay is Transforming Subscription-Based Payments



  • Customers can now automate recurring payments and expenditures to service providers using the IvoryPay payment infrastructure
  • With IvoryPay, payments can be authorized and completed within a fraction of a second
  • The IvoryPay gateway solution allows all transactions to be safely kept on the blockchain with no room for incomplete or failed transactions

Automating Payments with IvoryPay

Technological advancement has brought about the digitization of services. Back in the day, services such as water supply and electricity are usually paid for with physical cash where a customer is required to visit the nearest payment center to make a payment. As technologies evolved, it became possible for customers to make payments online by visiting the dedicated platforms of service providers.

Safe and Secured Transactions within Seconds

IvoryPay is built on the Solana Blockchain, transactions are safe and secure on the platform. Much more, IvoryPay leverages the fast transaction completion time of Solana along with its high throughput capability. This makes it possible for the infrastructure to handle and complete a larger volume of transactions per second. The solution also guarantees zero downtime with no delay in transaction processing.


Subscription-based payment is only one of the multiple instances of the Ivorypay payment infrastructure. The Ivory ecosystem boasts other business-enhancing solutions that are beneficial to global businesses in emerging markets.



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