How Does NFT Works?
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In the past few years, NFTs have grown from mere digital images and artworks to become unique creations finding utilities across industries. In the near future, it is possible that NFT will be one of the most important aspects of blockchain technology.



  • NFTs are digital representations of utilities that cannot be easily exchanged or traded just like regular cryptocurrencies
  • NFT now have use cases that go beyond digital art and images
  • In the near future, NFTs might grow to become one of the most important aspects of cryptocurrency

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a blockchain-based digital asset that is rare, distinct, and unique in its characteristics. Its distinctiveness connotes that it cannot be replaced with a replica, while it is rare because its characteristics and composition vary greatly from that of another NFT (even if they exist as part of the same collection).

What makes NFT distinct is the information that each carries. This piece of information is known as the metadata. The metadata contains the detail of the NFT such as its rarity, attributes, serial number, and just about everything that distinguishes it from other artworks.

An NFT does not have to be an image. It could also be a video clip, music, or GIF, among other things. Due to its extensive scope, NFT is finding use cases across several industries.

Use Cases of NFTs

The use cases of NFTs have transcended mere digital images. In recent times, NFTs have found adoption across various sectors such as art and collectibles, healthcare, gaming, real estate, land administration, supply chain, metaverse, and more.

The reason for this increasing utility stem from their innate attribute which is the ability to represent something rare and distinct without the option of a replica. This means that valuable items can now be stored on the blockchain through NFTs without the fear of getting mixed up.

There have also been unique instances in sectors like real estate where it is now possible to sell pieces of a house to several investors through a special type of NFT known as Fractionalized Non-Fungible Tokens.

For the Future

The dynamism in the applicability of NFTs has made them prime for adoption across industries and sectors. It is possible that NFTs will grow into one of the most important areas in cryptocurrency over the next decade.


NFTs have transcended their initial conception as digital images. Today, their ability to create a digital representation of something unique is evident in the rate of adoption across industries. It is only a matter of time for this class of digital assets to become one of the greatest deployments of blockchain technology.

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