How Does a Crypto Payment Gateway Work?

how crypto payment gateway works


  • Crypto payment gateways offer multiple options with which customers can connect to complete payments
  • The payment gateway also connects to the payment processor which ensures the movement of funds from customer accounts to a business’ account
  • IvoryPay’s payment gateway processes cryptocurrency for clients and also enables them to make withdrawals in both cryptocurrencies and fiat

IvoryPay’s Crypto Payment Gateway Solution

A crypto payment gateway solution such as IvoryPay enables businesses to deploy different physical options to accept payments from their customers. Businesses on IvoryPay can deploy payment checkouts, buttons, QR Codes, and payment links for easy customer transaction completion.

The Role of Payment Processor

Crypto payment gateways are quite popular, but underneath the infrastructure lies the payment processor. The payment processor is the infrastructure that immediately connects a customer’s information to the chosen wallet option. From there, the processor confirms that a customer has the amount charged in the wallet, and then proceeds to transfer the sum into the business’ destination wallet address.

IvoryPay is Tailored to Business Needs

IvoryPay has an elaborate ecosystem that is designed to help businesses adjust to the needs of their customers. The infrastructure enables businesses to deploy a combination of payment gateways that is convenient for their customers and they could also accept payments in their preferred crypto coin. This could be in stablecoins such as DAI, USDT, and USDC, or in the platform’s native token — IVRY.


Payment processing is a system that goes beyond payment gateways. In the real sense, payment gateways are what they are programmed to be — gateways and entry points. They serve as the channel that connects end users to a formless infrastructure that facilitates the entire payment processing network.



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