For Businesses: Can I Withdraw Fiat on IvoryPay?



  • IvoryPay partner platforms can seamlessly integrate and accept crypto payments using IvoryPay’s payment gateway
  • Partner platforms can also choose the withdrawal method they consider to be the most convenient for their businesses
  • Withdrawals and confirmation are usually completed within seconds of transaction initiation

Withdrawal Options for Businesses

As a partner platform on IvoryPay, you are bound to own and have access to a business dashboard where you can easily keep track of all transactions on your account. Visibly, you will be able to track payment acceptance-related metrics such as the number of transactions completed, items purchased, payment links, and other things.

Fast Withdrawal Confirmation

Barring any unforeseen issues, all partners will be able to confirm their withdrawals within seconds of initiation. Once a partner initiates a withdrawal process, the IvoryPay payment gateway automatically processes the payment using the details already provided by the business.


Financial freedom is the bedrock upon which the foundation of IvoryPay is laid, and it is on this basis that we continually integrate solutions that make it easy for all partners to conduct their businesses.



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