Explaining IvoryPay’s Payment Solutions for Businesses

3 min readOct 27, 2022


For smart businesses, accepting payments should not be a cumbersome task. The entire payment process should be simple, swift, and straightforward for customers. Also, all forward-thinking businesses simplify customer experience by making payment seamless.


  • Businesses that deploy the IvoryPay payment gateway can use a variety of options that the platform offers
  • Businesses can deploy IvoryPay’s checkout integration, payment link, QR code, and payment button to accept payment from their customers
  • Businesses can also accept payments in USDT, USDC, and the IVRY token.

Multiple Payment Options on IvoryPay

One of the foremost advantages that IvoryPay offers online businesses is the ability to accept payments by deploying different payment options on their platform. Clients can choose to integrate IvoryPay’s checkout into their platform. This could prove quite useful for eCommerce platforms where customers sometimes need to add multiple items to their cart while running through offerings on the platform.

IvoryPay also offers businesses the option to accept payments using a payment button. Payment buttons can be embedded under an item that is up for sale. Businesses could also choose to accept payment using a link, or a QR code.

Clients can also choose to deploy a combination of these options on their platform. IvoryPay’s main priority is for clients to successfully offer their customers the most convenient means of payment. The goal is to offer a solution that improves overall customer experience, retain customers, and increase clients’ revenue over time.

Accepting Payments in Stable Cryptocurrencies

IvoryPay can be deployed by online businesses anywhere in the world. However, its primary focus is to offer seamless crypto payment solutions for businesses in emerging markets across Africa and Asia. For this reason, IvoryPay ensures that businesses accept payments in stable currencies. This helps businesses to beat rising inflation and other factors that could affect their income.

Stablecoins also ensure that IvoryPay partner platforms can easily make transactions and attend to customers from any part of the world. Specifically, IvoryPay helps businesses process cryptocurrencies that are pegged to the US Dollars (USD). For now, the platform processes transactions in USDC and USDT. It also accepts payments in its native IVRY token.

The Bigger Picture

Businesses in emerging markets are laden with a lot of potential but they are often faced with certain barriers to payments. Ivorypay’s aim is to eliminate these barriers by offering a platform that helps them connect to the world. With IvoryPay, small and large-scale businesses will earn om stable currencies, while reaching a global audience that can make payments without the usual barriers to payments.


IvoryPay’s ecosystem is a robust architecture that helps businesses drive sustainability and long-term relevance by helping them meet their customers’ payment needs. IvoryPay is the best option for all businesses that wish to enhance user experience and improve revenue.

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