Additional Features are Coming to IvoryPay!
2 min readSep 15, 2022


Partner platforms of the IvoryPay ecosystem will do much more than process transactions and receive funds. They will be able to utilize other value-added services such as staking and DeFi loans for their businesses.



  • IvoryPay will introduce various value-added services to partners besides the regular payment gateway options that they already have.
  • Partners will be able to stake on the platform using IVRY token or stablecoins
  • Partners will be able to obtain DeFi loans based on existing metrics about their business performance

Staking and Emergency Withdrawals

We would not dwell too much on the staking features for partners as we have already covered this in one of our previous posts. You can read up on that at the link here. As part of the staking mechanism, businesses will be able to stake using stablecoins (USDC, USDT, or DAI), or using IvoryPay’s native token, IVRY.

Usually, businesses that are registered on IvoryPay are not just integrated into its payment ecosystem. They are also given an all-encompassing ecosystem where they can easily track their business-related metrics such as revenue, goods sold, number of orders, and more. As part of this arrangement, businesses can make withdrawals from their total revenues whenever they wish to.

DeFi Loans for Partner Platforms

As part of the overall scheme to help partners grow their business, IvoryPay will also enable them to obtain DeFi loans. As long as a business has completed its mandatory KYC on the platform, it will be eligible to obtain a loan on IvoryPay.

However, the amount obtainable as a loan by a business is estimated based on its business performance and revenue generated over a certain period. Therefore, the higher the revenue, the higher the amount obtainable through IvoryPay’s DeFi loan service.

The status of all loans on IvoryPay is typically confirmed within minutes of request.


IvoryPay is on a mission to help bridge the gap between businesses in emerging markets and those in developed economies. The introduction of these additional features is aimed at helping partner businesses scale while also granting them the means to conduct transactions with consumers anywhere in the world.



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