5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Deploy IvoryPay

2 min readOct 13, 2022


In the league of crypto payments, IvoryPay stands out among its peers, offering your business an edge over competitors while giving your customers maximum satisfaction through a seamless payment process.



  • IvoryPay offers businesses the opportunity to receive payments within seconds across multiple platforms
  • All businesses on IvoryPay can track sales and stake their crypto for more returns
  • All verified businesses within the ecosystem are eligible for DeFi loans

Faster Transaction Completion

All IvoryPay partner platforms are bound to enjoy the smoothest possible transaction completion on the blockchain. It only takes a few seconds for a transaction to be completed with IvoryPay. This helps save your customers precious time and enables them to have the most seamless crypto payment experience.

Multi-Platform Integration

Receiving payments with the IvoryPay payment gateway is mono-dimensional. In fact, you can decide to integrate our payment gateway directly into your business website through payment gateway, checkout, or payment button. Additionally, you can simply generate QR codes from your IvoryPay dashboard and send out a payment link to your customer either on mobile or via any online means, and still get paid instantly.

Whichever option is convenient for your business, we are here to help you all the way. This multi-dimensional platform option is what makes IvoryPay ideal for all kinds of businesses.

Sales Tracking

As long as you have IvoryPay installed into your web API, you can rest assured that all sales records will be tracked accordingly. Also, businesses that deploy the IvoryPay storefront will be able to track all sales.

This will help you understand which products are seeing the highest purchases, thus you can make informed business decisions right from the look of your performance in the dashboard.

Staking Option

There is also the option to stake on IvoryPay. This yield-bearing investment opportunity makes it possible for partner platforms to deposit a portion of their revenue in our chosen staking pool either in stablecoins (USDT, USDC, or DAI) or in IvoryPay’s native token — IVRY.

DeFi Loan

This feature is not yet available. But upon availability, all fully registered businesses will be able to obtain defi loans on IvoryPay. These loans are typically reviewed and approved within minutes. However, the amount obtainable is strictly based on business performance and accumulated monthly revenue.


Several opportunities abound for businesses that have chosen IvoryPay as their crypto payment gateway. Although these are the options available at the moment, more are bound to emerge over time.




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